Why a Pediatric Dentist Is the Smart Choice for Your Child

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Why a Pediatric Dentist Is the Smart Choice for Your Child

When you looked for a physician for your child, you selected a pediatrician . . . Right? So when you’re looking for a dentist for your child, doesn’t it make sense to select a pediatric dentist? (Hint: It does!)

mother and child with pediatric dentist

There’s no question that general dentists do a wonderful job providing oral health care to adults and young adults, but for young children, there are several reasons why you should choose a pediatric dentist. Here are a few:

• Focused clinical training.

Most pediatric dentists have had 2-to-3 years of special training – and several years of experience in their practice – focused on young children and adolescents. That fact is that young children encounter many oral health problems that adults don’t, and pediatric dentists are trained to recognize and treat a wide variety of child-oriented oral conditions.

• Focused emotional training.

Pediatric dentists also receive special training in how to deal with any fears or other emotional issues your child might have during a dental visit. They’re trained experts in pediatric behavior management.

• A focus on prevention.

Pediatric dentists are preventive care experts, which can help reduce the odds that your child will develop serious cavity issues or require costly orthodontic care down the road.

• A comfortable environment.

It’s no secret that many adults dislike visiting the dentist, so it’s not surprising that dentist visits can be stressful, anxious experiences for your child. Because pediatric dentists understand this, they go to great lengths to provide care for children in comfortable, upbeat, fun environments. Many excel at ensuring that your child’s first visit is a stress-free one by having your child simply meet the dentist and the dental team and walk around the office to get more comfortable with the idea of oral health care. The result can be that your child will not only be unafraid of “going to the dentist,” but will actually embrace the idea of oral health care.

• Help for new parents.

Being a new parent requires managing a lot of important new information, particularly regarding an infant’s health care needs. Fortunately, pediatric dentists can help new parents take the guesswork out of oral health care. Most pediatric dentists like to see infants around the 6-to-8 month mark – and certainly no later than the one year mark. However, it’s a great idea for parents to meet with a pediatric dentist well before that to learn not only what to expect as their child’s mouth matures, but what they can do to promote their infant’s oral health prior to his or her first dental appointment.

mother and child with pediatric dentist

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  1. Thank you for pointing out that pediatric dentists go all out to make a comfortable environment for children. Last week, I was talking to my husband about taking our youngest daughter to a dentist. Her teeth have finally started to come in, and I want to make sure that she has a healthy mouth. I appreciate you helping me learn more about the benefits of taking younger children to a pediatric dentist.

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