Are You Buying the Right Toothpaste for Your Child?

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Are You Buying the Right Toothpaste for Your Child?

Sadly, American children lose over 50 million school hours every year due to oral disease, the most common of all childhood diseases. One of the best things you can do to protect your child from oral disease caused by tooth decay is to make sure they brush at least twice a day for two minutes a time. And you should also make sure they’re using the right toothpaste.

Here are a few things to look for in a toothpaste:

The Seal

The American Dental Association stringent testing procedures mean that their seal of approval is always a good thing to see on any oral care product you might every buy for your family or yourself.


The ADA has been a strong advocate of fluoride for over half a century based on extensive studies documenting that fluoridated toothpaste does an excellent job of cleaning teeth and preventing cavities. One word of caution, however: since swallowing an excessive amount fluoride can lead to a condition called fluorosis, make sure that your child spits all of it out and rinses his or her mouth thoroughly after brushing.

Fun Flavors

Your chances of getting your child to brush twice per day for two minutes are greatly increased if they like the flavor of their toothpaste. While most adults use mint-flavored toothpastes, many children find these toothpastes to be too “spicy.” Fortunately, there are many child-oriented toothpastes that aren’t too harsh on their sensitive palates, with flavors like berry and bubblegum. Many of these toothpastes add fun to the process by having cartoon or superhero characters on the tube.

right toothpaste pediatric dental advice

Non-Abrasive Toothpastes

Toothpastes with mild abrasives to remove debris and stains can also remove enamel. Be sure to avoid whitening toothpastes containing abrasives like calcium carbonate, dehydrated silica gels, hydrated aluminum oxides, magnesium carbonate, and silicates.

If you’re using the right toothpaste but your child still is avoiding brushing, it could be that their teeth are unusually sensitive.

A pediatric dentist will fully evaluate their mouth and check for signs of tooth decay and other issues.

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