Pediatric Crown Types | Crowns in Pediatric Dentistry


Pediatric Crowns are long-term restorations for damaged or decayed teeth that can help to avoid multiple treatments as your child’s primary teeth develop.

Why does my child need crowns?

If your child suffers from dental decay (cavities) or has dental defects causing their teeth to be soft and at risk of decay, your dentist may recommend a pediatric crown to restore your child’s tooth instead of removing it. It’s important to extend the life of a primary tooth, not only for esthetics, but for development and function.

There are several types of pediatric crowns, each with their own advantages and considerations.

Pediatric crowns are designed to look and function like a real tooth.

It’s important to keep primary (baby) teeth until they fall out naturally to help with speech and food consumption. Also, crowns help your child’s permanent teeth to come in correctly. In other words, it makes it less likely that your child will need orthodontic treatment.

The placement of a pediatric crown on a tooth helps to reduce the likelihood of continued tooth decay.

Nusmile Zirconia pediatric crowns

NuSmile ZR

Zirconia is a special type of advanced bioceramic material offering patients an unmatched combination of esthetics, durability and safety. When you choose a zirconia crown for your child, it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between a natural healthy tooth and the crown.


Zirconia crowns are the most natural looking crowns. Also, the have an exceptional strength, so they can last until permanent teeth come in. Most importantly, they almost never chip or crack, and will not discolor or wear.


Medicaid or other insurance plans may not cover zirconia crowns.

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NuSmile Signature Pre-Veneered white pediatric crowns

NuSmile Signature

Pre-Veneered stainless steel crowns are white crowns that look like a natural tooth on the front. The white front (facing) is put on the visible surface of a stainless steel crown. Stainless steel crowns have been used for decades to protect baby teeth. NuSmile Signature Pre-Veneered esthetic crowns are by far the most popular and trusted esthetic pediatric crowns, having been selected for use in over four million restorations worldwide.


Pre-Veneered crowns are durable and have the same color as a natural tooth. Also, they are widely covered by Medicaid and other insurance plans.


Stainless steel contains small amounts of nickel. Make sure your doctor knows if you child is allergic. Sometimes, in a small number of cases, the white facing may chip or wear

NuSmile SSC Pre-contoured stainless steel crowns

NuSmile SSC

Stainless steel crowns are primarily used on molar teeth due to the fact that they have a “silver” appearance rather than a natural tooth color. They are a durable and very affordable restoration. NuSmile manufactures state of the art, medical grade stainless steel crown for posterior teeth. Consult with your dentist if you’d like to know more about this option.

Composite Strip Crowns

Composite strip crowns are more like a giant filling than an actual crown. They can look good when they are first placed, however, they are not as durable as a natural tooth or crown and are subject to breakdown, chipping and staining. Often these restorations will need ongoing repairs, requiring additional treatment procedures for your child.

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