There’s a reason mouth guards are growing in popularity

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There’s a reason mouth guards are growing in popularity.

Not long ago, it seemed that the only athletes wearing mouth guards were football players and hockey players. Today, mouth guards are very common with basketball players, many of whom know all too well the damage an opponent’s elbow can do to their pearly whites. Even baseball players are starting to wear them, as being struck in the face due to an errant pitch, a line drive or a bad bounce on a ground ball can instantaneously ruin a smile.

While a NuSmile crown can restore a beautiful smile to a child who experiences a chipped or broken tooth due to a sports mishap, we’d prefer that your child avoid such an injury in the first place. And a great way to do that is to wear a properly fitting mouth guard while playing any sport involving possible contact, including soccer, skateboarding, lacrosse and martial arts as well as football, basketball and hockey.

In addition to helping prevent broken teeth, mouth guards can also reduce the risk of injuries to the lips, tongue, face or jaw.

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You can buy mouth guards in most sporting goods stores, drug stores and mass merchandisers, or you can have your pediatric dentist custom-make one. Ask your pediatric dentist which option makes the most sense for your child.

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