Make Sure Your Teething Products Are Safe

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Make Sure Your Teething Products Are Safe

Most children start teething around the age of 9-to-12 months, which can cause a fair amount of discomfort. As you consider any products to help ease this comfort, you should know that laboratory results from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) indicate that certain homeopathic teething tablets contain dangerous amounts of a toxic substance called belladonna. If you have homeopathic tablets or other homeopathic product for your child, it’s very important that you check the label and make sure that belladonna isn’t listed.

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Why Is Belladonna Unsafe?

Despite its pleasant-sounding name, belladonna can cause muscle weakness, difficulty breathing, lethargy, seizures, excessive sleepiness, skin flushing, constipation, agitation and difficulty urinating. To make things worse, the FDA’s findings indicate that some homeopathic teething products’ labels understate the amount of belladonna in their products.

Please Note:

Homeopathic teething products have not been tested or fully evaluated by the FDA. All we know is that some of the products contain belladonna. We don’t know it these products have caused any harm to children, but we don’t know we also don’t know if they haven’t, either. We also don’t know if these products are effective. Our advice is to play it safe and refuse to use and product containing any amount of belladonna. We would also recommend that you consult your child’s pediatric dentist before using any teething product.

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