Considering Dental Crowns For Your Child?

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Dental crowns are small tools that help teeth in big ways.

Dental crowns are most commonly used as tooth replacements, preventing teeth from fracturing, and covering root canals and dental implants. They may also be used to provide correct teeth spacing, as well as good bite alignment.

Are you considering dental crowns for your child? Read on for more information about these versatile devices.

Types of dental crowns

There are several different materials dental crowns can be composed of, including stainless steel, composite resin, gold alloy, all porcelain or all-ceramic or zirconia. Each material works for a different reason. Patients should discuss their options with their dentist to choose the right type of dental crown for their child.

Dental crown procedure

Dental crowns are designed to perform pain-free just like the rest of our teeth. When placing a new dental crown, your dentist will apply a numbing agent to the surrounding gum area to ensure a more comfortable procedure. Teeth may still be sensitive one to two days after placement of a new dental crown.

Caring for your dental crown

Children are susceptible to cavities near dental crowns and fillings if the device becomes old or worn out. Dental crowns weaken and create rough edges as time goes on, permitting plaque to grow in tight spaces. Children with dental crowns should see their dentist regularly to make sure their device is thoroughly checked and in good condition.

Lifespan of a dental crown

Most dental crowns will last between five and 15 years, depending on the type of material the dental crown is made of. Like most things, dental crowns can suffer premature damage through the use of bad oral habits. Healthy brushing and flossing habits will increase the lifespan of your child’s dental crowns the most. Children who grind their teeth at night should consider sleeping with a nighttime retainer to guard their teeth.

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